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Once in a Lifetime
 Alone in a corridor Catriona takes a large breath. Her rib cage pleasantly stretching. Relieved to be away from the day’s events. It had been a trying day indeed, she had recently renounced her status as Prime. As her long-time partner had been considered offline and as per her oath to Primus; she would renounce Prime and resume her homeland title of Lady of the Thundercats. Even though she was the last of her people making her Lady of herself she supposed. ‘breath in two, three, four, and repeat’ she thought to herself. So much in such a short few years here from being separated from the team she viewed as family to reunion, to now the death of Optimus. As it was her duty to renounce her title it was also her responsibility to inform the human allies of the change in ranks. Question after question. She fielded them with every bit of ease. The questions lasted for hours. In the end, she had sought some form of solitary. There was a hallway that seemed to offer.
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Artist | Varied
United States
Before anyone asks I am with :iconthe-strong-doctor:

Other places to find me

If you should feel generous please visit my "Buy me a coffee" page just click the button below. Every artist likes coffee or tea, well I am no exception. ;)

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Skype: Ask me first
Possibly starting a Facebook page be on the look out for it
Instagram: Find me under CatrionaArts

I love doing my Artwork and seeing others work. I will often work one one project a night maybe two a night depends on time frame. I do have a list below if I am working on something for another Deviant. So in short if I owe you look at my list, which I update regularly as I progress through them.

I do enjoy to RP but prefer to do it in notes. I can do crossovers. I do ask that if I write something you can't work with just ask me to fix it.

Should you choose to RP with me please note my main OC is not to be in a romantic setting as I have her paired off with :iconthe-strong-doctor:

Roleplay RulesI hate to have to reiterate myself but this needs said. I am not doing this to be mean or point anyone out, but I do have to set some boundaries.
Roleplay Rules
1) be polite
2)Do not control my characters
3)If you want to stop a rp just tell me I will be fine to stop.
4) I am honest please be honest back.
5) ask for 18+ before you start rp with me  
6)Please don't blow up my notes with three or more identical responses 
Number 6 is new. Please understand people I have a life outside DA and can't always respond quickly. I am not ignoring anyone just busy. Should it continue I will stop roleplay entirly with that person. If you want me to be patient with you in turn you must be patient with me.

RP are closed

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How do you view those who do plastic surgery (no I don't do plastic gross) 

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Heads up

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 11, 2018, 12:12 PM
Optimus :heart: Catriona

Hey just letting everyone know to becareful of :iconhighlanderautobot: he is very pushy and doesn't accept the word "stop" in roleplaying. 

Once blocked he will go around talking to others on how to reach you. I will upload some screenshots of conversations between him and a friend tomorrow.

Thank you :iconyafarts:
20180112 172538 by CatrionaLeo

He has now resorted to calling me "A stuck up bitch" 

Screenshot 20180112-203544 by CatrionaLeo

  • Listening to: Outlander book on audible
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  • Watching: Nope too busy listening to my book XD
  • Playing: Solitaire
  • Eating: Apples with peanut butter
  • Drinking: Earl Grey Tea with lavender

Gifts and things worth mentioning

My guardian angel
How had it truly been? Weeks? Months? Years? No, that span of time was too long for the injuries She had sustained. It's only a matter of time before her heart gave up from exhaustion, even now her heart beats faintly brushing along her rib-cage like a soft brush . The blood on her fur had stiffened like wallpaper paste..It wasn't much she could move anyways. Still the brave lady thundercat brought  her knee up, to at least pry the cuff from her tired wrists. Once again it was to no use, for the moisture of her hands had hardened making the skin stick to the metal like glue.  Throughout the days , she had spent there her mind was drifting in and out of consciousness as her breathes became small whimpers.
Those vile anthro animals have thrown her inside that god-forsaken cell, which was dark dank and wet. It allowed no light not even from God to illuminate even a single tile. They barely fed her ,only let her drank water from a special made
It was well past 10pm, the streetlights on the quiet old street turned off to match the night's darkness. Most of the organics are tucked in their beds at their cozy homes , save some who were driving in their primitive organic vehicles. This being Singapore, it is a rare sight for humans being in the road at this hour.
However in a large room at an underground secret base just below the grand park known to the world as universal studios, a tiny red seeker has just made his evening by being loud which was evident with the loud blaring music that echoed round his room and the broken plates that scattered the floor.  Hotstar, his designation had been doing this for nearly four hours now . some mechs told him to keep it down , but this little mech simply ignored them.
As he partied on , a small noise echoed through his audio receptors. Due to his unatural sense of hearing, he stopped his activities and looked towards its source..The door of his ro

Dreams and PremonitionsThis story passes post-AOE, and gives us a glimpse for the Next TF movie.
Dreams and Premonitions
A lonely soul is on the Lookout to looking at the Sunrise, something that likes to do since her arrival to planet Earth, she is very fond of this natural phenomenon.
Since she doesn't have the chance to enjoy on her home planet, which exploded due to natural causes.
This lonely soul is a great warrior, she fights with feeling... heart and soul to protect her adoptive planet and their loved ones.
But why she have left the comfort of her bed and go to the cold?
Her soul was afflicted by terrible dreams, it's been several days, and because of that she can't sleep a restful night.
Their dreams seem so real ... those same dreams were about a Noble and Gentle being and at the same time very powerful.
Flashback (dream)
It was on a summer day, she was alone to enjoy the scenery that was in front of her, was beautiful, then saw a Bush full of blackberries, and decided to go to
A Written Encouragement

C  is for the care you give towards everyone you meet.A is for the Act of pure wisdom you show.T is for the thought you put in your works.R is for the respect we have for you.I is for the Intelligence you have.O is for the overall beauty you have.N- Is the never-ending friendship and love we show to each other.A- is for the anarchy you ended here in DA

Happy birthday catrionaleo! 

Twisted girl chronicles
Caught. As intentional as ever in; miles into the secret kingdom known as furvinia, outside of what seems to be a large political palace filled with blood from the recently deceased furs. The crazy gal with black hair in the asylum jumpsuit continued to ranted, her insane mind plagued her thoughts as her voice echoed the now empty gardens. Her body tensed up and being the last of her friends drove her even madder. Paige was her name and that is considered to be an anti-christ mentioned among the autobot ranks due to her silly insane actions to put catriona and her husband "Ratchet" in their so-called places. After attempting to kill them both , she got herself locked up in an insane asylum only to be freed by those savaged furs and brought to their kingdom.
Now with the kingdom under autobot seige , she herself got loose and ranted around the city chanting "BLock catriona!!"
"Mhmmm block me? might be


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